A disciple path is an intentional series of classes, groups, experiences and training that moves a follower of Jesus in a segmented and sequential fashion toward maturity in Christ.  Jesus commissioned his church to go, make disciples of all nations, and to teach them to observe all He had commanded.   We at Lake Community Church take that commission seriously.    Using Jesus' four-phased process we offer a pathway to maturity in Christ.  

Phase One - The Come and See Phase

In this phase we help people get interested in following Jesus, help them understand the good news that through Jesus you can gain a right relationship with your God.  We then help take the first steps toward a lifetime of growth.

Come join a Home group, an Adult Bible Fellowship group, and attend our worship services.  Let us know you want to begin to grow as a follower of Jesus and we will give you one to one attention to help you get started on the disciplepath.

Phase Two - The Come and Follow Me Phase

Growing as a follower of Jesus is not a passive process - it requires homework.  There are basic skills we must learn, knowledge we must gain, practices we must master.  A basic discipleship group is the best context to grow through this next phase.  There are many tools we could use - we have been using a curriculum called the Navigator 2:7 Course to help people get established in the basics.  It runs for 33 weeks (about one school year), you will never be the same afterwards.

Phase Three - Come and Be With Me Phase

After we are established in our walk with God we will naturally want to serve His mission and continue a lifetime of growth into all Jesus has for us.  The Be With Me phase is a time of discovering our spiritual gifts and developing ministry skills in the specific areas we are called to serve.  This will mean some kind of apprenticeship.  But where to start.  To assist you in this phase our church will offer a course to help you develop your own Personal Development Plan for a lifetime of growth.

Phase Four - The Remain in Me Phase


This phase lasts the rest of your life.  There are endless character issues, skills, habits, and knowledge that we need to develop.  We never finish the Remain in Me phase.  Sermons, ABF and Home Group studies, classes, and seminars will provide a lifelong learning environment.  Most importantly as you help others grow through the disicplepath you will grow even more.